Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gathering My Gear

Spent a few hours getting things ready for the trip today. Took some time looking over my new tank bag and how to charge my phone. Understanding how to install the charging cord and get it connected to my motorcycle. There are protected openings sewn in the tank bag so I fished a USB cord thru one of them. It was a tight fit but I managed to get it thru after fighting a little.  I also looked thru my last year supplies and dumped a few thing I won't need or didn't use last year.  Picked out some gluten free bars for breakfast / snacks and tested the coffee left over from last year. The coffee was still good so that saved me a few bucks.  Lastly, I finally ordered another Bluetooth headset. After looking around for a few months I settled on Sena SMH5-02 from Amazon because of its reviews and lower price.  Its older tech but it has flash able firmware so that's good for the future.

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