Friday, May 17, 2013

The Zombie Killer (KLR)

This is my 2009 KLR650 kitted out in full on geek-touring mode which is pretty much how it will look when I leave my house.

The only difference is that I added a Corbin seat over the winter which SHOULD make my bum much happier. In fact, I am still deciding whether or not I will use the sheep skin or not as I no longer really need the extra padding, but the sheep skin advocates claim it does help keep you cooler.

The tank bag, obviously, contains all the things I need immediate access to such as wallet, tire pressure gauge, etc. The top box contains all the things I would like easy access to such as snacks, tools, etc. The round bag is my waterproof roll top bag which has all my tent, sleeping bag and clothes. On top of that is my sleeping pad.

It's only the middle of May, but the bike is pretty much ready to go as I ride almost everyday anyway. I recently changed the rear tire because my Shinko 705 was falling for you kids....don't buy cheap tires.


  1. I run a Corbin flat and still like the sheepskin.
    Cheap tires are not worth it, especially for us Michigan boys, there is not enough good riding days in a year to be wasting them with cheap tires.

  2. Good to hear man, thanks. I'll probably use it.